Enjoy These Board Games for Adults

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best board games for teenagers

Board games for adults are such a great way of enjoying and spending quality time with your family and friends. With all the strategizing and laughter, board games for adults are a sure way to bond, create a connection and interact with your circle of friends.

Owing to the inventive minds of board game designers, you can now enjoy newer and more mind-boggling board games for adults. There are also some outstanding best board games for teenagers out there which you can try.

Presented here are some board games for adults which have become more popular recently. They will make for awesome icebreakers and indoor party activities for entertainment. You can select one or try them all on different occasions and find a new fun adventure with your family and friends with these board games for adults.

best board games for adults


Pandemic is a game that demands cooperation, teamwork and camaraderie among the players involved. Every one of the players will need to take responsibility by taking on a unique and specific role with the aim of helping prevent a pandemic from threatening the entire world and its population.

In Pandemic, you can choose to be a scientist, a quarantine specialist, an operations expert or a contingency planner.

Pandemic requires you and your friends to work together in a race against life-threatening epidemic breakouts and stop it before it causes irreparable devastation and destruction on a global level and wipe out humanity. No pressure.

Settlers of Catan

The game of Settlers of Catan will bring out the island conqueror in you.

In Settlers of Catan, which is popular among grownups during board game night parties, you will be taking on different roles such as traders and builders. While you assume your own unique persona and character, each of the players of Settlers of Catan has the same objective in mind, and that is to take over the Isle of Catan.

You will need to make use and exhaust all your available resources and strategizing skills to get to your goal and eventually invade Catan. Along the way, you will encounter struggles with the landscape conditions and with dangerous criminals and robbers that you neeed to overcome.

Unlike the cooperation and coordination among the players that is encouraged in Pandemic, the game of Settlers of Catan is a game of strategy, wit and sharpness which will place you in positions where you will have to play against other players in order to win.

You will also have to think on your feet as you are faced with making the decision to fight, negotiate, or concede depending on the existing circumstances which can change as the game progresses.

best board games for teenagers

Time’s Up

Time’s Up is a game of charade with an exciting new twist, which can definitely cause a stir among your family and friends, and there will be so much fun and laughter in this board game for adults.

You have more than 500 cards with famous personalities’ faces on them. They can be music icons, star athletes, historical figures and current newsmakers, among various others. All of you will be guessing, except one. That one person in the group will tell descriptions in phrases while the rest are given 30 seconds to guess whom the descriptions are pertaining to.

As the game of Time’s Up progresses, your crowd of family and friends will become even more boisterous as the game develops into higher levels of difficulty. From using words to describe the personas on the cards, the narrator will be prohibited from talking and will only be allowed to used actions and impersonations. The time lapse will be shorter too.

There will be so much laughter as the guesser provides hilarious answers to already hilarious impersonations by the narrator. Time’s Up is truly one of the most entertaining board games for adults.